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It’s Time

Dear Readers,

I’ve been sitting back doing nothing and patiently going broke waiting for the market to settle and ……….…..now it’s time to act.

We’ve been through some pretty horrific days together but I’m seeing a new “Team of 5 million” shaking off the past and just getting on with it.

I launched my unique STEPLADDER initiative where you can get on the property ladder from $50,000 right before Covid hit and with lockdown my expensive renovated seminar rooms lay empty for the whole two year lease.

I lie.

I had 12 people turn up to the first presentation, they sat 10 seats apart with masks on and I realised this was going to be a disaster. But I survived and the seminar is now in front of you on the website video.

Tell me what you think!

Agents are reporting to me up to 90 attendees at OPENS in Takapuna/Milford which is almost unprecedented.
I’m being brave and telling you there’s going to be a change of government and ethos throughout the country and I can feel it clearly.

So Martin’s mantra is out there now…….DOING NOTHING IS NOT AN OPTION.

In disasters lie opportunities (without being goulish).

Auckland is littered with cleared development sites where the developers can’t get finance, tradespeople or even materials (still). People are still shamefully living in motels, cars and garages.

Immigration has gone from minus 30,000 to PLUS 100,000 (!) and they’re all going to want to live in Auckland.

The brain surgeons among you have already worked this out.

The figures don’t work and in my opinion won’t work for a very long time.

So expect this:

  • Brightline “Capital Gains Tax” trigger back to 2 years and Labour/Nats/Act adamant on no wealth or new “CGT”. For now. I’d take advantage right now if I were you.
  • Reinstatement of tax deductibility on residential investing.
  • Unfortunately, for the renters, obvious rent increases as pressure builds ever more.
  • Obviously an increase in residential values as we emerge into a new, positive world where immigration is already fuelling demand.
  • A continual stepping of the Pension qualification age trigger.

You’ll see that my video is about the whole story, not just the residential market…..…..from avocados and salmon to wool and tourism. Because you need to understand my “macro view” to have the confidence to invest…….and it’s all bright.

Buy you HAVE to act and look after yourself in this brave new world because NZ can’t afford to, and neither should it.

STEPLADDER has not been done before, cost a fortune but is designed by the best law firm in New Zealand and offers a compelling opportunity to look after yourself…..$50,000 at a time.

We need to talk.

Now’s good.

Prosperity is in your hands.



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