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Our Clients

Our Clients

Everyday New Zealanders

In our first Covid-stricken six months we bought $20m of Auckland residential property for our clients. They comprised: Farmers, dentists, many lawyers, franchise business owners, policemen, policewomen, members of the judiciary, defence personnel, a language academic, a caterer, a graphic designer, an expat Sydney solicitor, a Singaporean financier, chemists, a motorcycle dealer, a furniture manufacturer, national marketing execs, tradies, an anaesthetist, many doctors, retired businessmen and a food manufacturer. Are you one of these? None of them knew how to start but knew they had to, both for themselves AND their kids.
None of them had the stomach or the time and skills to do this for themselves.
ALL of them are thrilled with what we’ve achieved.

Are we right for you?

How are you planning to retire?

When we ask people how they’re planning to retire, we’re often met with the answer “I have no idea.” If you feel like this you’re not alone.

For the average Kiwi to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free retirement, they would need a lump sum of over $1,000,000 sitting in the bank earning interest. Obviously the average kiwi doesn’t have that kind of money sitting around, so finding a smart investment is essential if they want to maintain a good quality of life once they stop working.

Are we right for you?

How will you afford your dream home?

For younger Kiwis the possibility of owning their own home, let alone their dream home, feels completely out of reach. What was once an achievable milestone for the average Kiwi has been unfairly taken away from younger generations thanks to rising property prices and living costs, student debt and flat wages.

For most young Kiwis it takes a lifetime of saving and struggling in order to save enough money for a deposit, and even then it’s usually not enough money to buy a house they actually want to live in. This has caused so many to give up hope of ever owning their own home, and become labeled ‘Generation Rent’.

What Our Clients Say

"I tried buying off and on for three years, always missing out. My boss made me call Martin. He bought a unit near my rented home in two days and organised the mortgage. I think it cost me a lot of money not meeting him sooner."

Barbara, single, 53 Specialist language education provider, Beach Haven

What Our Clients Say

“We are excited and buzzing with the thought we can secure rentals for our futures. We appreciate Real Estate Together's expertise and we realize we need to act quickly and smartly.”

James and Sarah, early 50s, first time investors, Whenuapai

What Our Clients Say

“Excellent presentation. I love Martin's passion and energy. His finger is on the pulse. Keen to have a one-on-one ASAP.”

Viv, single, company owner, Remuera, first time investor.
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