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Services: Buyer Agency, Co-Ownership & Consult

We offer a Buyer Agency Service, a Buyer Consulting Service and a Co-Ownership Service, we call the Stepladder. The Stepladder is NZ’s first residential legal co-ownership vehicle. It enables you to own a share of a rental property in Auckland for as little as $50,000.

Doing It Together

Why Choose Co-Ownership

Buying a house is increasing unattainable. Phenomenal price growth, higher interest rates and more restrictive borrowing have made it harder than ever to get a foot on the ladder.

With our co-ownership strategy, The Stepladder, you don’t have to do it alone. You can be one of eight co-owners of a house in Auckland. And we help you every step of the way from deciding where and what to buy, to managing the property for you.

Co-Ownership is perfectly suited to family groups wanting to buy together in a formal, legalised structure, and people who want an investment property but don’t have the funds to buy alone.

How The Stepladder Works

Group Together

We bring together a group of likeminded investors, or you can invest on your own.

Group Contract

For groups, we provide a Group Investment Contract for investors and their lawyers to approve before going ahead.

Arrange Funds

We organise the funds required for the purchase, which could include savings, a mortgage, or money borrowed from family. Our independent finance brokers ensure you receive the most competitive rates available.

Property Selection

We assess hundreds of potential properties every month and use our expert knowledge to select the best for our clients.

Property Purchase

We manage the buying process, negotiating with the property vendor or bidding at auction.

Property Management

We rent out and manage your Co-Owned investment property providing regular relevant updates.

Employ Our Expertise

Buyer Consulting Service

Many prospective clients are finding the buying process daunting and asking if we could simply advise.

We are delighted to just advise! Our service includes one-on-one meetings, suggestions of properties and vetting of properties, advice on handling negotiations and more. Read our brochure below for details.

Let Us Do The Work

Buyer Agency

Let us act for you and level the playing field whether you’re moving house or looking to invest as an individual. We know the Agents and we know the suburbs. And how exhausting it can be fielding your way through OPEN after OPEN and trying to negotiate with professional sales agents. Fee negotiable……let’s talk!

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Step onto the Property Ladder, from $50k investment. We’ve done the numbers and we know you’ll be interested to see what we’ve come up with.


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