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An hour with the rather fetching (as my mother would say) Wilhemina Shrimpton on ZB’s OneRoof Saturday afternoon show brought a deluge of very serious enquiry and the first property, 44 at Ranui went out-the-door.

I confess to having had to look out the window when answering Wilhemina’s questions so I could concentrate.

But she was very easy on me and it taught me a big lesson.

The personal touch, like my 20 years talkback with Leighton Smith which developed quite a following so I am asking Heather and Kerre if they would have me on their shows. I’ll keep you posted.

All I can say is the girls are EXPENSIVE but as we all know, worth it!

In seeing clients last week Hamilton, Rotorua, Taupo (stood up there!), Whanganui and New Plymouth I was very pleased to see our fair land coming out of a depressing 6 years with some gusto.

Taupo was FULL and I lucked out in a slightly strange cabin affair on the lake front but the town centre was a blast with tourists everywhere and a joie-de-vivre I have not seen for ages.

The main street of Te Awamutu could have been Parnell and not a For Lease sign to be seen anywhere in the upper North Island.

But it’s still bargain buying in Auckland and not for long.

If you’d like to see me (and you need to) just call.

I’m going to reintroduce brief seminar presentations again shortly too – the first since Covid closed us down. Because I’m going to start running out of hours.

Put your shades on, the future is looking very bright again and we need to get going.

Martin 0274-984-097


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