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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why have small groups of investors? add remove

Unlike ‘funds’ which group together hundreds of investors, Real Estate Together gives you more control over what properties you invest in, who you invest with, and when to sell.

Can we invest with friends and family? add remove

Yes, you can invite friends and family to be part of your investment group.

Can I invest alone? add remove

Yes, we facilitate individual investments as well.

When does the property get sold? add remove

After the five year point an annual vote will be held on whether to sell or keep. Voting is by number of contributors, not how much was contributed. 50% triggers a sell however Real Estate Together will lobby hard to retain, always, for 10 years and an expected tax free gain.

What if one person wants to sell before the rest of the group? add remove

If an investor wants to sell before the rest of the group, their share will be offered to their co-investors to buy. If it remains unsold, the investor is able to sell it themselves, or through Real Estate Together for a standard fee.

When is the right time to sell? add remove

We will provide advice on when is the best time to sell, taking into account individual circumstances. Generally we recommend holding onto your investment for up to 10 years to receive maximum gains.

Does each investor own the same share? add remove

Investors can own differing shares in a property, however each investor is given equal voting rights.

If something happens to me, can my family inherit the property? add remove

Yes, your property can be passed on to your family, or they can sell your share at any time.

What type of properties do we help our clients invest in? add remove

Properties are chosen for affordability, high returns and low maintenance costs. These are usually freehold brick and tile units.

Is Real Estate Together one of the investors? add remove

No. We are your appointed real estate buying agent, not a co-investor. Although we invest in the exact same products ourselves, we cannot join you as an investment partner while charging you a fee to do so.

How much money do I need to take part? add remove

You would need to be able to raise or borrow from $50,000.

Can I invest in more than one property? add remove

Yes, we expect you to invest in multiple properties to build your portfolio.

Do I get a say in which property the group invests in? add remove

All investors must agree to the property purchase before it goes ahead and are given a short time to make their decision once we present a property for purchase.

Can a trust or limited company be an investor? add remove

Yes, although our group investment contracts require a personal warranty to ensure all investors are represented equally.

What if the house needs redecorating or furnishing before it's rented? add remove

If your property requires tidying up we can do this for you for a fee.

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