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Let’s Go!…

Contrary to my intended Modus Operandi I have put my money where my mouth is and actually bought, myself, Units 44 and 51 at 125 Metcalfe Rd, Ranui for syndication.

If you’re in Auckland drive in and have a run around – you will be hugely impressed. Just DON’T knock on the door!!!

My normal practise is to buy CONDITIONALLY on subscribing the offered property to my investors with hopefully a 3 week grace period to do so but to start off I wanted no pressure on investors to commit.

Terrace 51 is unencumbered (mortgage free) and rented to a Filipino family at $600/week (which is already looking cheap but I don’t have the heart to put it up!) so the only pressure on my investors is missing out. I have 22 “hot” parties with mooted contributions from $50,000 to $200,000 and these from Southland, Taranaki, Taupo, Bay of Plenty, the Waikato and of course across Auckland. No one up north.

Investors are proving very interesting company many hooking up for kids and grandkids.

Nationwide Valuer, Prendos valued 51 at $715,000 the same price as 44 went for but it is better by far, overlooking school play fields and a Reserve. But that is Valuers…… and to be awfully proper in this, that has to be the price. I paid slightly less three years ago but later financing and legals make it a modest loss for me, no problem your gain.

The next offering will (hopefully) be a conditional one which you will have to urgently consider and commit to but 51 is officially available to RT investors from today and I know we will all look back at a two storied brick & longrun Terrace with 10 year MasterBuild Guarantee, guest toilet and parking as a ridiculous bargain at under $1m.

So don’t miss out.

There are good times ahead and all you have to do is protect yourself for your retirement.

Best for now,

Martin 0274-984-097


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