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Book Your Free Strategy Session

Have a free one-on-one strategy session with Martin, or attend an investment seminar, either in-person or on Zoom.

During your session, Martin will talk you through the fundamentals of property investing, including:

  • Understanding the property cycles
  • Why Auckland housing has proven to be a strong investment and why we (and leading economists) expect this to continue
  • The up-and-coming suburbs with the highest potential for growth
  • The types of investment properties that can cover their costs through rental income
  • How to tell a winner from a lemon – it’s not as easy as you think!
  • Our proven property investment strategies: Golden Stepladder and The Ideal Model
  • How much money you need to retire with, and how to obtain it without working yourself to death
  • How to get your kids set up financially for the future so THEY can look after YOU

Martin’s hope is that this information will get you thinking about your future and your kids’ future, and encourage you to take action.

Sessions last around an hour but may run longer if you want to discuss anything in more depth.

All sessions are free of charge and no obligation.

To book your strategy session with Martin, please email us below:

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