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Attend a Seminar or One-On-One Consultation with Martin

Our founder, Martin Dunn, is as optimistic for the future as he is deeply concerned about New Zealanders’ lack of financial literacy. He sees the gap widening between the “Haves” and the “Have Nots” resulting purely from a lack of education and not knowing what to do.

He is determined to help place Real Estate Together clients among the “Haves” by sharing analysis on NZ’s financial future and how this will impact us over the next 30 years. This includes NZ’s debt to GDP patterns, the impact of Covid-19, NZ’s future prospects for sustainable growth and diversification that often surprises – even stuns – attendees, the cost of retirement and of course Auckland’s property market.

Martin’s hope is that this information will get you thinking about your future and your kids’ futures, and encourage you to take action.

Martin shares this info through group seminars on Zoom and in person in Takapuna, or through one-on-one consultations. All are offered free of charge, no obligation.

To book a seminar or one-on-one with Martin, please email us below:

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