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December Update

I guess we’ll start with “me” because I tend to be the most interesting.

When you’re trying to dive through the plethora of comment on Auckland’s property market and find those you’ve continually caught out as being 100% wrong are predicting a crash………it’s time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

There are only TWO spokespeople on the Auckland residential market you should follow and the most important one is writing this.

The other is Tony Alexander, a previous Chief Economist of the BNZ. I recall head-butting Tony many years ago when he advised young people to rent and not buy – but I obviously hit him so hard he appears to have forgotten. Hope he doesn’t read this.

But Mr Alexander has since hooked up with the Real Estate Institute and positioned himself to direct-access every Realtor in New Zealand on cleverly worded monthly questionnaires. As only an academic can, he then makes serious comment out of the ever changing enthusiasm of about 20,000 salespeople and pastes this into a monthly intellectual – and to my mind very plausible – newsletter.

He’s at: [email protected]

You should ask to be databased by him.

Even before Christopher Luxon accepted his chalice I knew 2022 was going to bring surprising good news on our economy overall – and all the lies I have told in seminars about “wool” are coming true, fast.

Now that we have some credible political nous to keep Jacinda and Grant on the porch it will only get better.

But you MUST get active with me, investing.

If not your own rental unit, half or a quarter of a home is easy for most….. and Millennials……….Four x 1/4 = 1

(Ask your parents).

I’m working through Christmas so come and meet me.

I’ll restart seminars soon and promise you’ll never forget what you hear.

0800 ladder or 0274-984.097 depending on your age.

Best for the end of a wow year……



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