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2022: A Brief Window Of Opportunity For Investors

Following 2021’s catastrophic rise in house prices, the current slow down should be viewed as a temporary respite before house prices start to climb again. This means 2022 is a brief window of opportunity for smart investors to buy well and make strong returns.

Liam Dann. No, you haven’t heard of him but a big part of my daily chores is religiously studying The NZ Herald, National Business Review and ZB News.

And that’s enough.

To make you want to jump off a bridge sometimes.

But Liam Dann (NZ Herald) writes some quite studied and compelling economic commentary and he’s worth following.

Last weekend he mused that the Western world seems to be succeeding in crunching inflation already and might start DROPPING interest rates soonish.

I feel we are, right now, in the middle of our own recession (you won’t read about this until it’s over) and that come Christmas the sun will be more than shining on our fair isles again.

A very poignant comment from Liam on 30th June:
‘Bloomberg data shows the average recession lasts 1.3 years and the average Bull Market 6.6 years’ So his creed is….”hang in there”.

This would roughly equate (to me) to a proper emergence to economic normality about this time next year. But we don’t want to be market FOLLOWERS do we???

As the famous investor Warren Buffet said: ‘Be greedy when others are fearful.’ And people are never more fearful than during a recession. Right now it’s a buyers market.

I’ll be officially launching our new group investment product, Co-Op, shortly. Through Co-Op Generation Rent AND their Mums and Dads can get on the property ladder for $100,000 by owning part of a Co-Op property. And the first suitable properties (this is the hard part) are nearly under contract for you.

There will be NO mortgage on the property (ever) but we will help you BORROW to buy your share.

Exit strategies are clearly explained as is management of the property (by the best realtor in Australasia – I don’t do property management because you have to be nice to people).

And the initial rent will almost cover the borrowing.

Unless of course you have $100,000 lying around going backwards fast.

My Stepladder investment strategy explains how I believe I can turn your borrowed $100,000 into $250,000 tax free in 10 years through investing in Co-Op properties (actually, way under if Luxon wins and is true to his word at repealing the Residential Hate Taxes!)

Call or write – the future is yours to embrace and the outlook is brilliant.


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